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Free plan

You can use the Free plan. Forever. No credit card or contract needed. The only difference is a CakeMail logo at the bottom of the newsletter you send (which the paid plans don’t get).

Send up to 12,000 emails per month

to 2,000 contacts or less

Start by creating your free account

This means that if you have 2,000 subscribers in your contact list, you can send them up to 6 campaigns a month.

View Yearly Prices

Monthly plans

Pay monthly or save with an annual account.

Paid plans come without logo.

  • Contacts Pay Monthly
  • 0 - 500 $8
  • 501 - 1,000 $12
  • 1,001 - 2,500 $24
  • 2,501 - 5,000 $39
  • 5,001 - 10,000 $59
  • 10,001 - 25,000 $119

Contact us for larger plans. All prices in US Dollars.

Questions? We’re here to help.

Do I need a credit card to sign up?

No. Signing up for a free plan doesn’t require a credit card. You need one however to upgrade to a paying plan.

How long is the trial period?

You can try CakeMail using the Free plan for as long as you want.

How do I get support for specific issues?

Within the app, you’ll find the “Help” section that provides everything you need to know in order to use CakeMail, including step-by-step instructions. You also benefit from an in-app walkthrough and a full featured set up wizard when you first sign in.

What happens when I reach 2000 contacts
on a free plan ?

You can still add contacts to your list, but will be unable to send emails until you upgrade your plan.

Can I change my plan any time?

You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your plan any time. Upgrades are charged on a prorated basis. If you downgrade or cancel your account, you’ll be charged for the remainder of the billing cycle.

How many campaigns can I send with a monthly
or annual plan ?

Plans with 25,000 contacts and less allow you to send as many campaigns as you want: there’s no monthly limit.

Starting at 25,001 contacts, there are limits on the number of emails you can send per month. Details are available in the Upgrade section of the app, or get in touch with for more details.

How can I buy a larger plan?

Start by creating a free account. Then go to Settings; click on Upgrade your account and change your plan.

How do I get billed?

Payment for plans occurs on your account’s monthly anniversary. You’ll be billed automatically on your credit card.

How can I pay?

You can pay with American Express, Visa or Mastercard, in US Dollars. We use Stripe as our payment processing system.

Can I resell CakeMail?

Yes. If you're a web hoster, marketing agency or value added reseller who specializes in helping small businesses, you can get access to wholesale prices for a product that's easy to bundle with services you already provide. Get Started Now!

Still have questions? Email us at